Caravan or Motorhome  exterior valet                                    £50

Snow Foam all of the van

 Roof and body of caravan or motorhome shampooed using a high quality wax-wash

Engine bay cleaned (if applicable)

Wheels and wheel arches thoroughly cleaned using a non- acid cleaner

All door and locker shuts cleaned

 Bike racks andladders brightened

 Motorhome or caravan dried using soft drying cloths

Tar spots removed 

Handles, trims and tyres dressed
All windows polished and all seals treated.

Motorhome or caravan internal valet from £50

Seats and mats vacuumed
Dashboard and consoles cleaned and polished
Door trims and pockets cleaned and polished
Side windows and windscreen cleaned
Floor, carpets and upholstery vacuumed
Windows and mirrors cleaned and polished
All woodwork cleaned and treated
Washroom and kitchen area cleaned and sanitized
Rooflining cleaned (not flocked material)
Deodorise the whole motorhome / caravan removing unpleasant
odours and bacteria on a molecular level which is completely safe to humans and

Addition services

I can shampoo all carpets and upholstery to give a cleaner finish  

Deep hygienic clean on cookers and fridges

A service that Motorhomevalet provide as
part of an exterior valet and wax is surface rejuvenation. If the font of your
van is dull and faded, this is oxidation, which can be removed, and the shine brought back.  I can rejuvenate your
caravan or motorhome faded or oxidised surfaces and hand apply a high quality wax for a longer lasting protection. As long as you follow my recommendations the finish will last for several years. I do not use polishing machines as they are too harsh for motorhome and caravan exterior surfaces and can cause problems at a later date.